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WODMedic was born through an ethical calling to connect fitness athletes with the movement based medical providers best suited to facilitate their journey towards optimal health and fitness. Along the way, through many conversations with box owners, coaches, and medical providers, our mission took on a second role. The empowerment of the functional fitness coach. Realizing that it really was the fitness coach that had the biggest opportunity to impact athletes we set out to empower them by offering them better tools and better education.

It’s no secret that movement assessment and optimization plays a key role in the functional fitness model. Coaches repeatedly expressed to us a need for a better system and better tools. We set out to create an easy to perform assessment that is able to catch the more common mobility restrictions that would not improve without targeted intervention. We then created more sophisticated correctives, realizing that just stretching will miss a large percentage of restrictions. Through the combination of our two missions, WODMedic was born!

WODMedic Advisory Board/Contributors

The members of the WODMedic Advisory Board were chosen for their in depth knowledge of functional movement and the physical requirements of the sport of fitness. They have also demonstrated a dedication to the mastery of their craft, and are motivated purely by the love of the job.

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